Powered Stretchers

Stop heavy lifting

Electro-hydraulic system with 320 kg unassisted lift capacity reduces the strain of everyday and bariatric transport. With patented loading technology and superior stability design, MEDIROL powered stretchers significantly increase operator and patient safety.

Vivera Monobloc


With simple one-touch operation and an unassisted lift capacity of 320 kg, the Vivera Monobloc is the ultimate solution for both every day and bariatric transport.

Vivera Clinic


Versatile powered cot with removable stretcher options and infinite positions for easy patient transfer from different surface levels.

Vivera Neotic


The Vivera Neotic incubator transporter eliminates lifting for caregivers and provides a level, stable surface for many types of incubators.

Vivera Fastener


With patented technology and automated features, the Vivera Fastener loading and fastening system increases operator and patient safety when loading and unloading the powered stretchers.

All models

Vivera Monobloc

Vivera Clinic

Vivera Neotic

Type M301 N114-P401 N605-P401
Recommended loading height Up to 95 cm (37 in) Up to 95 cm (37 in) Up to 95 cm (37 in)
Weight 75 kg (165 lb) 91 kg (200 lb) 85 kg (187 lb)
Maximum weight capacity 320 kg (705 lb) 300 kg (661 lb) 300 kg (661 lb)
Extendable lift handles
Removable stretcher option
Head-end swivel wheels
Telescoping load frame
Extended patient surface  Optional
Incubator transport